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New Drawings made into Card Shapes

June 18, 2012 9:00 am Published by 2 Comments

Hello everyone! I've been a busy bee this week creating some new card designs for my Etsy store. Sales have been picking up the last few weeks and so it's spurred me on to create some fresh new designs to hopefully brighten up someones day. And there's also the obvious fact that I love to draw, so really it's not work! haha! Anyway, here's some pics of the new new stuff, just click on the images if you feel the urge to visit the shop .. ;)


Greetings! New designs…

June 11, 2012 7:33 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Hi everyone! Well it's back to being miserable outside again so there's been no great rush to be outside and therefore I've been working on some new stuff. I haven't had time to create any new card designs for my Etsy shop for a while as I've been so busy, but this weekend I stocked it to the brim and I have over 70 items on sale now along with some Father's Day cards, ready for this Sunday.