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Illustrator Tutorial: How to Draw a Crazy Sheep

Happy April everyone and merry Spring! Hope the weather is beginning to get better wherever you are! Anyhoo, this week we’ll be talking about using Adobe Illustrator for drawing and hopefully imparting some useful tips and tricks with a video illustrator tutorial: How to Draw a Crazy Sheep.

FAQ’s from a Designer’s Friends

I thought I would share some of the more unusual and ultimately frustrating questions I’ve received over the last few years. I’ve learnt to control by eye twitching and teeth grinding when they reach my ears and hopefully am now able to answer them without clenching my fists. So here goes… FAQ’s from a Designer’s Friends.

Interior Design: Your favourite era?

Hello again! We’re going for something a bit different with today’s blog post, introducing you to one of our recent clients, Interior Design Hive. Founded in 2012 by interior designer Chris Miles, IDH brings the interior design industry into the 21st century by operating almost exclusively online, which allows them to deliver a luxury design service at an affordable price, in a convenient way that fits around busy modern life.

Dude! Where’s my Wacom?

As a designer, there are a great many things that are essential for me to be able to do my job. The obvious things like my Mac, broadband, a space to work in, eyes, a very large coffee, a non sluggish brain from being in the pub too late the night before…

FREE Desktop Calendar

Hello all! Welcome to March and hopefully a snippet of spring too if we’re lucky! We’re sick of this cold here at Jessica Draws HQ and it’s about time we were thinking of buying some new flip-flops! Anyhow, in the last couple of posts showcasing a new time lapse illustration of Wonder Woman on a spring-cleaning rampage, we also mentioned that we were going to…

Time Lapse Vector Illustration

Last year was a fantastic year for us at Jessica Draws. It’s going to be pretty difficult to top it but with a fresh new look and a huge truck load of enthusiasm I think we’ll give it a pretty good go. So, this January we’ve decided to work on more personal projects to get [...]

San Francisco in Typography

We’re back! So, how’ve you been? We’ve been fabulous thanks for asking! We’re back in the studio after a wonderful honeymoon and it’s all hands at the ready because there’s so much going on and lots to do. Which is why it’s taken a couple of weeks to get around to writing this post. Work always gets in the way of the fun stuff don’t you find?

Social Media Revolution Animated Infographic

Over the past year the Jessica Draws team has been involved in the design of numerous infographics and we have slowly ventured into the world of animated infographics. As a designer, I am constantly searching for the latest trends as it impact greatly what we can produce and infographics are still trending in a huge way. In a previous post, we communicated the value of infographics. Namely that they are visual illustrations communicating information by means of signs, symbols, icons, maps and diagrams.

New Infographic Design-The Social Media Revolution

Hello you lot! So it’s been another eventful couple of weeks and some exciting developments ahead for Jessica Draws, which, I don’t mind telling you now contains more than one person! How amazing is that? The wonderful Dave Morgan, who not only is my very own fiancee but has been working quietly in the background for years sorting out all my technical glitches, building the websites I design and generally being an all round superhero! Now I get to introduce you as Dave and I venture into the wonderful world of animated infographics together.

The Rise of The Infographic

As a designer I’m constantly aware of what is trending, what is popular and most of the time, what clients want. Today, they definitely want infographics. There has been a steady rise in the popularity of infographics, helped along by social media and it’s easy to see why. People don’t want to read long, boring [...]