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FAQ’s from a Designer’s Friends

I thought I would share some of the more unusual and ultimately frustrating questions I’ve received over the last few years. I’ve learnt to control by eye twitching and teeth grinding when they reach my ears and hopefully am now able to answer them without clenching my fists. So here goes… FAQ’s from a Designer’s Friends.

New Infographic Design-The Social Media Revolution

Hello you lot! So it’s been another eventful couple of weeks and some exciting developments ahead for Jessica Draws, which, I don’t mind telling you now contains more than one person! How amazing is that? The wonderful Dave Morgan, who not only is my very own fiancee but has been working quietly in the background for years sorting out all my technical glitches, building the websites I design and generally being an all round superhero! Now I get to introduce you as Dave and I venture into the wonderful world of animated infographics together.

Naughty 50′s Pin-up Cards

Hello world! What a wonderful week and thank you so much to all my new subscribers! A big hello from me to you! As I’m writing this post we are still 5 likes away from the end of the competition to win some art prints or cards. So if you haven’t already please enter and good luck! If it’s ended already by the time I post this, then I’ll be announcing the winners very soon!

Christmas in Cardiff City

Hello all you little elves!

I hope everyone is well! I’ve been completely run down with a nasty cold over the last week but I’ve been trying to get into the festive mood all the same. I was struggling just up until I was whisked off to dinner by my fiancee last night in such a romantic fashion and after a stroll through the streets of Cardiff it was hard not to feel Christmassy! Every year the streets of Cardiff seem to become ever more decadent and I hate to think how many bulbs it’s taken to light the Castle!

Cardiff Festivals and Fudge

Hi everyone!

Cardiff Festivals and Fudge! Sounds great doesn’t it? Hope you’re all well and enjoying the wet summer! Sunday was a day for visiting Cardiff Bay for the annual Cardiff Food & Drink Festival and it wasn’t a disappointment.

A Little Present

Hi All..

Just a quick post to share with you a new card & print designs now available on my Etsy store. It was inspired by a cute little web comic I saw online and I decided to re-create it in my own style. I thought it was quite a funny idea and I hope you like it too! It’s available as a print and a card on my Etsy store :)

Greetings! New designs…

Hi everyone!

Well it’s back to being miserable outside again so there’s been no great rush to be outside and therefore I’ve been working on some new stuff. I haven’t had time to create any new card designs for my Etsy shop for a while as I’ve been so busy, but this weekend I stocked it to the brim and I have over 70 items on sale now along with some Father’s Day cards, ready for this Sunday.

Jubilee Doodle…

Well the sun has disappeared in my neck of the woods but it’s okay because this weekend is going to be filled with joyous jubilee jubilation! Woohoo! There’s lots going on around the Cardiff area, here’s a list courtesy of @VisitCardiff .

My My May!

My My May! Well, how rare for it to have been so wonderful this week. The weather has been phenomenal and it’s definitely true that it puts everyone in a fabulous mood! We’re not a couple to waste the weather and so we were out and about all weekend.

Giveaway Time! Win some goodies!

Well last week was quite eventful! I never thought that a few doodles that I did on the couch one evening would have so much exposure! It’s been MENTAL! The doodles were my Junior Avengers: a glimpse at what these awesome superheroes were like as kids. First it was featured on Geek Tyrant, and quickly spread around the web on to other blogs like Complex and Inspire First. To top it all off my work was featured on the Design Juices blog on Friday! Yay!